Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pauli Dutton

To be a poet
Has the advantage of appreciation for it all
Any disturbing event, demented person, devastating emotion
Need not be feared because you
Know they become fodder for the
Soul, fertilizer for your
Garden of verse, the magic ingredient for turning regret
Into shared invective, humorous insight, or positive prayer which fills the
Void, impacts a life, or transforms an ugly view
Into the glimpse of magnificence for at least a
Nanosecond, so when that turkey takes it place at the table
Give thanks for the meal of the moment and the presence of poetry, more filling than pie


  1. So poetically true!
    It raises the window shade on the life of poetry
    Not just to learn and share from gatherings
    But communicate with our own soul
    Bring strength or flowers to our past
    Awaken to ourselves
    See interesting light in the future
    Thank you, thank you for your poem

  2. Nicely done - the line breaks work for me, and the sentiment so true.

  3. Yes, as poets we see both sides of life's picture and transform them into words. You've said it well.

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