Monday, November 23, 2009

Khadija Anderson

Now folks, let's talk about
American history.
The more we know...
Is it truthful
Only to acknowledge
Not so bad bits
And pretend it was a big party?
Look, what a bunch of BS!

Do you want to celebrate
A holiday that marks the start of
Years of genocide,

Of an entire nation
Forever decimated?

Maybe we could be honest
Our myths are
Really, we could be humble
Nobody wants to give to
No way!
Give us our turkey!!!


  1. Wonderful re-title and reframe of the un-holiday. thank you!

  2. this poem shows that thanksgiving is a celebration of people dying, but native americans are not celebrating at all. definitely my favorite of the bunch.

  3. yes agreed i am with the other "commenters", i believe that this young poet should be hoisted in his/her chair and paraded. win, this one shall.

  4. This is the other side of Thanksgiving that people don't realize. Another excellent poem.