Saturday, November 28, 2009

Winners of the 2009 Thanksgiving Poetry Contest!!

Pauline Dutton and Khadija Anderson share the prize money.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pauli Dutton

To be a poet
Has the advantage of appreciation for it all
Any disturbing event, demented person, devastating emotion
Need not be feared because you
Know they become fodder for the
Soul, fertilizer for your
Garden of verse, the magic ingredient for turning regret
Into shared invective, humorous insight, or positive prayer which fills the
Void, impacts a life, or transforms an ugly view
Into the glimpse of magnificence for at least a
Nanosecond, so when that turkey takes it place at the table
Give thanks for the meal of the moment and the presence of poetry, more filling than pie

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mani Suri


Think of how to make peace the motto of every nation
Harbor the destitute, even in tarnation
Admit love free entry without hesitation
Never forget those who sacrifice on our behalf, the one at his lonely station
Kneel in awe of creation
Submit to the will of the Creator, seek His good estimation
Grant freely the gift of love, art, and oration
Indulge the child in all you encounter, make laughter contagion
Visit joy upon the needy in any region
Instruct with patience and truth in every interaction
Need the company of family and friends, cherish each relation
Give thanks for every day of life and its bounteous blessings, relish benefaction.

Jon Epstein


Thirty five years ago I was seventeen
Having smoked a huge joint, I stumbled upstairs
Anesthetized, I sat down at the upper-white-middle-class blood-bath,
Nobody noticed my reddened eyes or sneer, or lack of slaughter celebration
Kindred spirits bandied about on both flanks, my furrowed brow intensely taught
Should we all sit here silent, while napalm is dropped on the Vietnamese?

God help us, if only I could speak my mind
I wanted to make a point, perhaps we could re-examine our American way,
Vying for attention, craving to be seen and heard, I whistled and clapped
I stated I would not eat a morsel, we're heretics; we should be ashamed
Not for another moment should we carry on this way, condoning savagery
"Good fucking night," my father responded, "Are you stoned again?"

Khadija Anderson

Naturally you must have turkey
Add some gravy
To that and pumpkin pie
Is that all you want?
Only turkey and
Not a hint of humility
America where did you get that

Did your ancestors sail
Away from tyranny towards
Your legacy yet

Others may not

Multitudes come to
Our shores one nation
Under immigration
Real manifest destiny
Native Americans be damned
Is nothing sacred?
Nation under whose god?
Give thanks

Monday, November 23, 2009

Khadija Anderson

Now folks, let's talk about
American history.
The more we know...
Is it truthful
Only to acknowledge
Not so bad bits
And pretend it was a big party?
Look, what a bunch of BS!

Do you want to celebrate
A holiday that marks the start of
Years of genocide,

Of an entire nation
Forever decimated?

Maybe we could be honest
Our myths are
Really, we could be humble
Nobody wants to give to
No way!
Give us our turkey!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


They weren’t from
Here. They were illegal
Aliens who would
Not speak our language. They
Knew not the Great
Spirit. Said their
God of wetback
Island had for
Virtue of his elect, promised
Indigenous land to them and so our
Native land was taken away and thanks they now
Give in their churches and curses in our casinos.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amy Rich

Tall gallows with Puritan preachers presiding in New England
Hanging my pale Ancestor for talking to birds
Admitting to myself that the DNA test only verified what I sensed
Native blood in me could have been from the tribe
Killed the year after feeding Pilgrims
(Small-pox infested blankets came later)
Gouging out eyes of white women called Witches
Invoking the name of the Lord to justify it
Victorious Christians vanquishing Natives and Pagans
Incorrect stories and assumptions abound
No Pagans killing Natives, I bet, though they were white
Grateful to know the truth enough to honor all shades of my Ancestors

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Demonstration poem by moi

Thank you for yellow
Happy face mylar balloons
Neon street business signs
Killing my love of
Streets and markets
Give me
Vibrant poems
In storefront windows and
New fresh
Goods of poets for all to sample